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The Youth Achievement Awards champion the extraordinary talent of young people outside of the education system and recognise the amazing talents of young people.


Youth Achievement Awards

The Youth Achievement Awards were launched by UK Youth in partnership with ASDAN in 1997. UKY  asdanThe Lifetrain Trust has held the license for Surrey since then. We've supported over 1,000 young people to take part.

At the heart of the Youth Achievement Awards is the belief that young people learn best through action. This dynamic scheme enables each participant to take responsibility for selecting, planning and leading on an activity and carrying it out in partnership with their peers. It's about building confidence in young people while showing them the effectiveness of working in a team.


Programme and Levels

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The Youth Achievement Awards provides workers like yourself with a flexible structure from which to accredit and add value to your fantastic work! The non-prescriptive nature of the Awards means that it is relevant for use with all types of work, with all types of young people.

There are four progressive levels of Youth Achievement Awards, with young people getting more involved, engaged and empowered as they advance. The successful of the Youth Achievement Awards has seen the programme expanded with the development of three further Awards for younger children (to engage them early) and a qualification available at Entry 3 and Level 1.


Award Age Range Level of Responsibility Challenge Duration No. of Challenges
JAA 7 - 11 Taking Part 3 hours 5
YC 11 - 13 Taking Part 6 hours 5
YC Extra 11 - 13 Sharing Responsibility 6 hours 5
Bronze YAA 14+ Taking Part 15 hours 4
Silver YAA 14+ Sharing Responsibility 15 hours 6
Gold YAA 14+ Leading & Organising 15 hours 7 + presentation
Platinum YAA 16+ Peer Leadership Prescribed Challenges 5
E3 AinPA **  -  Taking Part 30 hours 1
L1 AinPA **  -  Sharing Responsibility 30 hours 1

* These age ranges are guidelines only
** AinPA is a single unit qualification, rather than an accreditation, with 30 hours Guided Learning


The Benefits

Although many of the benefits are measurable those that are not are vast and life changing. Not only do the young people benefit from raised self esteem and self awareness. They get skills for life through learning to work with others as a team and the constant communication that is needed to work in this way. Most importantly they receive a nationally recognised accreditation – essential for young people who struggle with mainstream education.

kel portfolioAnd for the professionals involved the Awards not only help them to measure their work, thanks to a flexible structure that will fit around existing programmes that are already in place as well as inspiring new projects and providing a framework for young people's involvement. Portfolios and the review element also create ample evidence for monitoring, evaluating and promoting your important work.


We have a dedicated team, commited to supporting you to accredit your work through the YAA programmes. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for busy workers, enabling the YAA to enhance your interventions. 

For more information about how we support the YAA Programmes in Surrey, please email Laura (YAA Programmes Coordinator):

If you are already running the Awards and wish to ask a question, or request a visit or moderation, please contact Hannah (YAA Support Worker):