Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find a list of common questions and answers. If you can't find what you're looking for - please get in touch via our Contact page or send an email to We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

What are the Youth Achievement Awards?

The YAA are an activity-based approach to peer education. The Awards are designed to help develop more effective participative practice by encouraging young people to progressively take more responsibility in selecting, planning and leading activities that are based on their interests. The peer group model encourages the development of a wide range of life skills through a flexible and informal approach. The programmes, at 7 different levels aimed at young people aged from 7 years+, are accredited nationally by ASDAN.

What is UK Youth's role in the YAA Programmes?

UK Youth developed the YAA with ASDAN and run the Programmes nationally. They license and support local Operating Agencies (OAs) to facilitate the YAA. Lifetrain is the OA for Surrey.

UK Youth run regional moderation to verify the work of their YAA Moderators and Assessors. This is part of the quality assurance process leading to a nationally recognised accreditation.


What is The Lifetrain Trust's role in the YAA Programmes?

As an Operating Agency, The Lifetrain Trust facilitates the Awards in Surrey through our YAA Team. This includes registering and supporting groups, training workers, selling and distributing materials, moderation and celebration of the YAA Programmes. More information about how we support the YAA Programmes in Surrey is available on our website.



Do young people have to work their way through the levels?

No - young people can jump in at any level that best suits their abilities. However, if they do work up they will need to complete fewer challenges at each subsequent level, as the Awards recognise progression.



Do young people I support would love this! How do we get started?

The short answer is to just give us a call here at Lifetrain! Laura Quinn is our YAA Programmes Coordinator and will take you through the registration process. 

An "Award Group Worker" completes a registration form and returns, with fee to Lifetrain. Booklets are bought seperately but there is no learner registration - you may use a booklet for any young person in your Participating Unit. The booklets start from £5 and are competitively priced, to encourage participation. There are no added moderation/certification costs - this is all covered in the cost of your annual registration. Once registered, Hannah Hackett, our YAA Support Worker will visit regularly and liaise with the PU to get a minimum of one worker trained - an important part of the quality assurance process.

Please speak to Laura on 01372 360 875 or email here to request more information or a registration form and to confirm the registration fee.