Youth Achievement Awards Programmes

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Welcome to the home of the Youth                  Achievement Awards Programmes in Surrey!

If you take part in Lifetrain's Youth Achievement Awards we promise an amazing journey that will stay with you for the rest of your life. These awards were created to acknowledge the extraordinary talents of young people, often not developed in mainstream education. Some of them are small steps taken but the fantastic results are a turning point in changing self-esteem and confidence. Others are big projects that can steer a young person on their future career. 

We will help you every step of the way, from planning your project to helping you create a portfolio of your work to organising training and a work placement for you. This could be the step that you need to make a future for yourself.

But this is your journey so you choose the topic that you wish to explore. In the past young people have been awarded for the following:


   - Being part of a youth forum.

   - Teaching other young people about first aid.

   - Running an environment project.

   - Organising a holiday for the youth club members.

   - Learning to control anger.

   - Taking part in an outdoor recreational activity.


There are 7 different levels of accreditation and qualification, all of which are recognised nationally.


If you are aged 7 or more and think this may be for you please get in touch via the website here or read more! 


If you work with or support young people who are aged 7 or more, and think they'd be interested in participating, please get in touch via the website here or read more!