In2View Conferences for young people

 Year 10 or older? Are you unsure what your next move is?

Come and get involved in our FREE workshops and interview practice! A great chance to find out more about how to put your plans in place and see In2 a bright future!

Active fun sessions which will help you learn how you can show your talents off to interviewers, whether you’re looking for a college course, job or training opportunity.

Individually focused with valuable independent volunteers from the business world offering their feedback!                            8 9Novpic1


The first In2View Conferences were a big success!


If you are a school or youth club and you are interested in having our FREE sessions with a group, get in touch now at









Our sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your group and our tutors will work with you and the young  people you work with to design the perfect course for them!





















All young people completing the course can achieve a Level 1 ABC Award in Employabilty. For a small contribution of £20 each young people can obtain this valuable qualification as well as enhance their practical skills


For an example of course content see here


What people said about In2View;

"It made me realise the jobs I can get when I leave school are rubbish and the pay is lame. I need to go back and work a bit harder so I can do the course I want and be happy at college and have a better chance in the future"

Young person


"Jess interviewed really well. She received 1-2-1 feedback from her interviewer accompanied by a youth worker, shocking the interviewer by completely changing her demeanour. Further discussion highlighted her reliance on professionals for approval and fear of going it alone. This may explain why Jess left employment after only a week and dropped out of her initial college course. She has identified a new course for the next academic year. Jess is going to self-refer to the Youth Support Service and is now hoping to undertake a maths qualification before starting college next September to avoid having to do it alongside her identified course. This would mean she can concentrate on the course and not be spending time at college doing something she doesn’t like, making her less likely to drop out again."

Youth Worker