Our Work With Young People

We provide learning opportunities through programmes and projects dealing with the many diverse issues affecting young people.

Young people can gain national accreditation for the learning they achieve through training programmes. We also aim to support the adults who work with the young people by providing appropriate training. Youthwork's special advantage is that many young people choose to get involved. Quality work builds this by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and control their lives.


Our Core Values

Throughout our day-to-day work, there are three core values which underpin the attitude and dedication of our staff and help us to deliver learning and support to young people.   These are:

3 Core Values

We are the local association of UK Youth, the largest non-uniformed youth organisation in the country. We work in close partnership with many other organisations at local, regional and national level including Surrey Youth Focus, Surrey County Council Youth Development Service, and the ABC Awards.