Rider Information - Kit List

We want you to get the most enjoyment from the ride and that means being properly kitted up. This list is based on recommendations from previous challenges. Please do take into account your personal preferences and common sense!


Large holdall to transport main luggage

Day pack/bum bag – to wear when cycling



Trainers / cycling shoes

Padded cycling shorts – at least 2 pairs

T Shirts / cycling jerseys

Socks and comfortable underwear

Lightweight waterproofs - top and bottoms (there may be the occasional shower!)

Padded cycling gloves

Sun glasses – with UV protection

Bicycle water bottles x 2 (1 litre recommended) or re-hydration system

Saddle / gel saddle cover – recommended for extra comfort


Light weight cotton scarf to protect neck from sun (you never know!)


Casual wear for evenings/travelling and transfer days

Toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes (or equivalent), soap, shampoo, conditioner, lip salve with sun protection, tissues, razor & cream, deodorant, sanitary products, anti-bacterial hand gel

Sun lotion, Sudocream and Vaseline (for soothing/preventing saddle soreness!)


Energy foods / snack bars (some snacks will be provided)


Isotonic / high energy drink / powders – try to use them when training to see if they suit you

Try them first

Puncture Repair kit and two spare inner tubes

–we will be able to help you with changes

Contact lenses (bring spares and also your glasses just in case)


Padlock for baggage

Optional – we will carry your baggage for you

Ear plugs – useful when sharing a room


Plastic bags – for dirty washing

Camera with spare batteries and spare memory card

Sea-sickness pills for the ferry – or wrist-bands


Adhesive dressing (plasters), antiseptic spray, diahorrea tablets, throat sweets, re-hydration sachets, paracetamol, Dextrose tablets, Tubi-grip or equivalent for extra support if needed, Deep Heat cream or equivalent in case of sore muscles, any other personal medication

Valid passport and photocopy, European Health Insurance Card (formerly E111), cash, credit card (for emergencies), travel insurance