What We Do

We help thousands of young people reach their potential through our work in youth centres, schools and in the community.

We provide them with the skills and confidence to find their own solutions; build a life they have chosen rather than the one they were destined for; seek further education or qualifications and to say no to anti-social behaviour; we want to make them feel valued and listened to; we also encourage them to play a role in their local community.


Many don’t fit in at school or outside of school, plenty never hear the words “I’m proud of you”, or eat again after they have had their school meal or have someone to turn to. And some simply just need somewhere to fit in. That’s where we come in. We do all these things and more….


We provide training and educational courses for young people as well as those who work with young people on a paid or voluntary basis. We support schools in Runnymeade who are carrying out extraordinary intervention work with children at risk of being NEET. And we are out in the community building links with young people who are homeless.